Photography Workshop: Jeffrey Silverthorne


A 4 day workshop. June 23rd-26th 2014

Place: Fundación Valparaiso. Mojácar, Spain.

This four day workshop, organized by coberturaphoto will emphasize the figure and the landscape as the primary means to explore individual and cultural ideas of object (the body, the land) and relationship.  The figure (clothed/unclothed) and the land (natural/developed) are both loaded content matter with associations involving taste, religion, freedom, economics, ancestry and others.  Through individual associations the workshop participant will find or construct photographs that both mirror and question how they understand and put ideas and images together.   Photographic considerations of light and time will complement questions of “who I am” and “why do I see this way”.The primary purpose is to make photographs, the secondary purpose is to understand through social, individual, and art historical perspectives what they mean.

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