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1990-2012 Artists

Since the Valparaiso Foundation was created in 1990 many artists have passed through its Residence in Mojacar. These artists have been recognised, not only in their countries of origin, but also internationally. To highlight just a few:

Lucineh Hovanisian. Composer, singer and pianist. She is also an expert on classical and former Armenian music, to which she impregnates of modernity, by composing with a few touches of Jazz. She has a spectacular voice and she was a resident at FUNDACIÓN VALPARAISO in 2011. She has won multiple prizes since 1987.

Mª del Carmen Mestre. Spanish Poet. She has won diverse literary awards, amongst them, in narrative, the National Prize of Narrative and Prize “Nueva Gente / New People” of the Association of Spanish Writers and Artists. In poetry, she has also been rewarded with the Prize Alcaraván and Prize “Ángaro” from Seville. She has been a member of the Jury of the XII “Paul Beckett” Poetry Award that Valparaíso Foundation gives, and a resident in 2011.

Alek Popov. Bulgarian writer of novels and theatre, with numerous awards. His works have been translated into several languages; someone of them had been adapted to the cinema. He was a resident at FUNDACIÓN VALPARAISO in 2011.

Milen Panayotov. Milen Panayotov. Bulgarian composer and music journalist. Organizer of the ppIANISSIMO International Festival of Contemporary Piano Music and presenter of music broadcasts. During his residence at Fundación Valparaíso (in 2011) he completed his “Gaishuvir” for Orchestra, which was premiered by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Martin Panteleev) and recorded by Bulgarian National Radio.

Cesar Paternosto. A painter born in La Plata, Argentina in 1930, Cesar has spent his career working first in abstract, and later geometric expressionism. He is one of Latin America’s foremost artists and intellectuals. His paintings hang in North and South America’s most important museums: MOMA, Guggenheim, Hirschorn, Sofía Imbert de Caracas and the Museo Nacional in Buenos Aires. In Spain he has works in MNCARS (Queen Sofia National Museum of Art) and the Thyssen – Bornemisza Museum. His most recent exhibition in Spain was held at IVAM in Valencia. He was a resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in October, 2000. His works have been acquired by the Queen Sofia National Museum of Art in Madrid.

Thorkild Bjørnvig. A world-renowned Danish poet who was one of the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION’s first residents in September, 1992.

Ejler Bille. A painter and sculptor from Denmark, inspired by the works of Kandinsky and other abstract artists. He also created small sculptures and was part of the world-renowned “Cobra” group. He was in residence at the Foundation in September 1992.

Peter Haubro. Painter, engraver, writer, sculptor and editor, born in Denmark. He has lived and worked in France since 2000. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, as well as of the “gargouilles révoltées” group in France. He has worked at both Clot Bramsen’s studio in Paris and Torben Bo Halbirk’s studio. He was in residence in October 1992 and in April 2005 held an exhibition of collages and engravings in the “Monte Paul Beckett” Gallery in Mojacar.

Dea Trier Mørch.Born in Copenhagen. A renowned writer and painter, she studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, winning various prizes and grants in Warsaw, Belgrade, Leningrad and Prague. She was resident at our FOUNDATION in June, 1993.

Pía Andersen. Danish painter. Her works are bathed in an otherworldly light. The play of light both within and over her paintings is an important component of her art. She has decorated many public institutions in various countries around the world. She has studied, among other places, at the Royal Academy of Krakow in Poland. She was resident at the FOUNDATION in January 1994.

Vincent John Tutton. A Welsh painter who studied art and design in Cardiff, Newport and at Leeds University, the Academy in Florence and the University of Florence (Italy). He has held numerous exhibitions in countries such as the U.S and England. His works are landscape-based and have grown ever more abstract. He is not a conventional painter, working instead with charcoal, pastel, chalk, acrylic paint, gouache and pencil. He was resident in October 1994.

Palle Kjæulff-Schmidt. A Danish film-maker, born in 1961. He has directed several short and full-length films, as well as writing many others.  He is the winner of several international prizes. He was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in May, 1996.

Hanne Marie Svendsen. A Danish writer born in Skagen, she is very well-known in her own country. Although currently living off her writing, she has also worked as a literary critic for several well-known Danish newspapers. She was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in November, 1997 and April, 2006.

Hugo Xavier Bastidas. A painter born in Ecuador in 1956 and living in the United States. He has exhibited at the Asian American Arts Centre in New York, in Quito (Ecuador), the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic and in Panama, among others. He was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in April, 2003.

Anita Glesta. An American visual artist, she was a resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in November, 2004. She has exhibited in the United States, Australia and Italy. She has won a multitude of prizes and acknowledgements. Her work is based not only on her installations but also encompasses the surrounding architecture and landscape. She has given numerous conferences.

Catherine Dunne. An Irish writer. She was a resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in October, 2006. She has published numerous novels, which have been translated into several languages and won a range of prizes throughout Europe.

Laura Lío. Argentinian sculptor and engraver, living in Madrid. She was a resident at the FOUNDATION in June, 2005. Her work has been acquired by the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and featured on the cover of its catalogue.

Various promising young artists on the international scene have also received grants from the FOUNDATION. They have not only won various prizes but also attained high standing in both their countries of origin and beyond their borders. Among these artists are:

Julio E. Goya. A sculptor born in Argentina and currently living in Japan. He has created numerous large, metal sculptures for various public spaces in Japan, Argentina and the United States. He was a resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in April, 2000.

Emmanuelle Aussedat. Born in Paris in 1956. Painter and lithographer. He was resident in April 2001. Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts (School of Fine Art) in Paris. Has been involved with illustration all his career. Has exhibited in France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, England, Turkey, Australia, Japan and China. He creates refined abstract engravings and lithographs from coloured lines and shapes.

Gerald Haberlach. A German painter, born in Berlin in 1941. He studied graphic design, as well as painting at the School of Fine Art in Nuremberg.  He was an advertising director at Grunding, before starting his own advertising company. He paints highly imaginative images from memory in acrylic, oil and charcoal. He has exhibited in Salzburg, Irsee, Nuremberg, Tokyo, Bologna and Berlin, among other cities. He was resident in January 2002.

Almudena Fernández Fariña. A Spanish painter, born in Vigo. Despite her youth she has held numerous exhibitions throughout Spain and has won, among others, the L’Oreal Prize in 2001. She was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in July, 2002.

Esther Pizarro Juanas. A Spanish sculptor, Doctor of Fine Art and recipient of multiple scholarships (Fullbright, Casa de Velazquez, Academy of Fine Art in Rome, etc.). She has exhibited both individually and collectively in Spain and the United States, with her works forming part of important public and private collections. She was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in July, 2002.

Ana Bellido Zambrano. Born in Cadiz (Spain) in 1966. She is an engraver and has exhibited in Spain, Pakistan, Germany, Japan and France. She has received many prizes, such as the National Engraving prize, the C.A.A.S. Prize from the Spanish Engravings Museum in 1998, the Caja Madrid Generation 2001 Prize in 2001 and the 7th National “Calcografia Nacional” Engraving Prize from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in San Fernando. Her works are found in collections such as those of Caja Madrid, the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation of Majorca and the Spanish National Library.  She was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in October, 2002.

Brant Tilds. A musician born in the United States and now living in Denmark. A jazz performer who generally plays the trumpet. He is director of a Latin American music programme. He has recorded numerous albums and often performs with internationally renowned Danish pianist Poul Eric. He was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in November, 2003.

Eduardo Valderrey Cuenca. Sculptor and visual artist. Born in Barcelona in 1963. Has held numerous exhibitions in Spain, the United States and Italy. Has received scholarships from the Spanish Academy in Rome, various U.S. Foundations, Casa de Velazquez and the Spanish College in Paris. He has works in the Reina Sofia Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona. He was resident at the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION in January, 2005.

It is also worth noting some other artists awarded grants by the VALPARAISO FOUNDATION, such as:

Nina Malinovski, Danish poet (resident in April 1993); Malene Mullertz, Danish ceramicist (October 1993); Thomas Bredsdorff, Danish writer (May 1995); Kirsten Hanmann, Danish writer (May 1995); Lone Høyer Hansen, Danish sculptor (February 1997); Jens Kromann, Danish painter (February 1997); Georg Oddner, Swedish photographer (February 1997); Eric Gamalinda, Filipino writer (May 1997); Bárbara Freeman, Northern Ireland painter (November  1997); Jesper Høm, Danish photographer (January 1998); Tricia Bauer, Bill Bozzone y Frank Graciano, U.S. writers (residents in April 1998); Osvaldo Sabino, Argentinian writer (June 1998); John Banasiak, U.S. photographer (May 1998); Carlos Gutiérrez Angulo, Mexican painter; Antonio Velasco Piña, Mexican writer and Roberto Vallarino, Mexican poet (residents in September 1998); Vanya Detcheva, Bulgarian painter (October 1998); Kate Thompson, English writer (January 1999); Brian Wood, U.S. visual artist (June 1999); Douglas Unger, U.S. writer (July 1999); Frank Golden, Irish poet (September 1999); Erin Mouré, Canadian poet (December 1999); Tariq Ali, Pakistani writer (November 1999); Melissa McCutcheon, U.S. painter (September 2001).

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